Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Probability Investigation: Sticks and Stones

YES! State testing is finally over and I am able to do some fun activities with my students. This was a neat activity that I found on the Illuminations Website that simulates an Apache Native American Game that was played when indian nations came together during festivals.
I used it as an activity to enrich my 6th graders' knowledge of probability and extend it into probable combinations. I am also working on helping my students begin to transition into the Common Core Curriculum and start helping them with the basics of writing about math. This website is a great resource for activities that are free to teachers, but a lot of times you have to supplement the activities with worksheets or additional supports that will help the students. I have started out using this activity as a review of experimental probability, but will extend this concept tomorrow to including linear combinations.
If you would like to use this resource and would like to have the FREE SUPPLEMENTARY worksheets and game pieces, please visit the following link and download the materials I used in class FREE of charge. Please view the images below to see the game in action. I have also included a video from You Tube showing a modern day Pow Wow to give the students an idea of what a Native American Festival sounded and looked like.

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