Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Common Core Ratios and Proportions Unit is Almost Finished

Our state testing has kept me very busy the past few weeks. My 7th Graders are testing today and my 6th graders will test later this week. (I am crossing my fingers that they work hard and do their best.) At the same time I am ready to get into the Common Core Curriculum.

I haven't been able to spend near as much time on the Ratios and Proportions Unit that I wanted to, however I have been pluggins along with it. I think it is coming together nicely and I have already tested a couple of the Common Core Investigations to make sure that they will work. One investigation will deal with comparing the ancient shark Megalodon with the Great White Shark of today. I believe that we should start by posing the Big Question in these investigations to spark the interest of our students. Then we can fill in their instructional gaps as we see fit to help them be able to figure out the Big Question on their own. Here is a quick peak of the investigation entitled, "Megalodon: How Big Was It?"

This is one investigation in a comprehensive unit that I am in the process of finishing up. I am very excited to be using this in my class 4th Quarter. Please visit frequently as I will be posting examples of student work, ideas for implementing investigations in math class as well as any ways I intend to improve upon these investigations once they start in the classroom. I promise (if this looks interesting to you) it will be ready very soon. I just do not want to put "junk" out but want to make sure that the investigations are as accurate and practical as possible and that the information is correct and properly aligned with the CCSS standards. Have a great day!

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