Saturday, April 6, 2013

Common Core Student Sample Write-ups

In an effort to help students transistion into the Common Core Curriculum, I have started working with them on how to organize their thoughts and expand upon the answers to various math problems. Here are some examples that were graded on a scale on 1-10. Students were asked to create a math write-up answering the following problem

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Using the Math Practice Flipbook to Write about Math Tasks

My students completed their Math Practice Flipbooks yesterday. Here are some images of them creating their flipbooks.


They used them today as a resource for writing the reasoning behind the math tasks they will be working on. I created a easy level task for students to begin using this resource and the kids did so well I decided to put this on my blog :o). I will also be putting some examples once I have finished grading them. The Flipbook Template and the math task below can be downloaded at

The students did a really nice job with this activity and came up with some really great answers. Here are some images of them working on this math task.

The students were able to use their Math Practice Flipbooks to help them write the reasoning behind these math tasks.