Monday, December 23, 2013

A Common Core Conceptual Approach to Explaining the Distributive Property

Hello. It has been a while since I have blogged, but I had to inform you about a great way for students to discover the distributive property. This property is a vital part of algebra and students need it as a bulding block to understand such topics as "FOIL" and finding common factors.

In this lesson, students must manipulate rectangles (representing variable terms) and squares (representing constant terms) to show that the distributive property is basically stating that the number on the outside of the parenthesis determines how many groups of the value on the inside of the parenthesis are needed to simplify the expression.

This lesson worked very nicely to help my students discover the DISTRIBUTIVE PROPERTY on their own and really helped them to make sense of how to apply the property. I love it when discovery lessons work like they are intended to!!! The students retain so much more if they can make sense of it on their own. If you are interested in obtaining this lesson please visit my TpT store!
Students begin by exploring what it means to have a certain number of groups of
an expression within a parenthesis.

Fully typed out UBD lesson plan is included with purchase. Merely print out the document
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