Thursday, January 24, 2013

Common core Interactive Geometry Flipbook

Here are some pictures showing you how the Interactive Geometry Flipbook looks when completed. This is a student example. I have omitted the actual definitions because the students should be allowed to explore and compare the various figures to create a deeper understanding of these figures that will be used frequently to describe what they are learning during the Geometry Unit.

You can download this resource for free from my TpT site:

Students were exposed to a real angle that they could
manipulate. They were able to create their own
definition of this figure.
This page took a little time to complete, but gave them a line
that actually has arrow pieces that can be extended out
to show that a line goes on forever on a straight path in
both directions.
Students could clearly understand that the distinct
difference between a line and a line segment is that a
line segment has end points on both sides and will not
extend forever. It was neat to hear them come to this
conclusion without much direction from me.
Students thought about what a ray was by using
the interactive example of a ray.

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