Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby Steps into the Common Core

Today is a glorious SNOW DAY here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and my excitetment has gotten me out of bed early to share this post with you. I have been thinking quite a bit about how I will begin implementing the COMMON CORE CURRICULUM into my classroom this Spring. One of my favorite movies is "What About Bob?" and if you are familiar with this movie, one of my favorite lines was when Bill Murray's character uttered, "Baby Steps...Baby Steps...". I believe this is the way to go when implemeting the COMMON CORE CURRICULUM into your classroom. Confidence needs to be built and instilled in our students that they are capable of thinking for themselves. If you try to give them too many expectations, too quickly you willl lose them forever. This is why I have titled today's ramblings "BABY STEPS into the COMMON CORE". Here is a task I created as an example of one of my confidence building ideas. You can download it for FREE at my TpT store if you like it :o).


Here is the video animation. It basically has students analyze a simple pattern. It is a confindence builder because it is an easy, problem with a concrete answer and can be solved by the students through pictures, symbols, maniuplatives etc. This FREE resource can be downloaded at TpT

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