Sunday, September 1, 2013

The First Week Went Great! We Began the Ratios Unit...

We began the Ratios Unit this past week and I am excited to say that it went well. What a great start to the year, I have nice students that gave me a really good effort on the Ratios Pre-Test and I am currently completing their Student Achievement Growth Cards. (These come from my Betta Math Ratios and Proportions Unit.)

Another useful tool that I found online is a ratios worksheet generator. This can be found at MathAids and also generates the key for various topics. I use it a lot for basic skills when I may not have time to create my own worksheets.

In preparing for next week, I am going to focus on getting students to really be able to understand how to write and simplify ratios through a number of activities. I am using an adapted version of the Math Workshop that I purchased from:

The author of the math workshop I will be using and adapting to middle school classroom has been kind enough to allow me to blog about this. I wanted to make sure I awarded her the proper credit because it has helped me organize my thoughts about encorporating math workshop in my 6th grade classroom.

I believe that this is where the curriculum is taking us and gives you the flexibility to hit numerous learning styles in one class period and promote differentiate learning.

I will also be blogging more about student portfolios and my students' interactive math notebook. Since textbooks are becoming more of a secondary reference, student notebooks are even more important to their success. Please stop back here frequently because my intention is to blog on a weekly basis and I would love any feedback any other professionals may offer.

To those of you starting back to work...have a great year!

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